"damn, you girls are fiesty!"

the inebriated bachelorette's consortium
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for founders, current members, past members, friends, & fans of this infamous drunken girl gang.
'50s housewives, alcohol, baking, boone's farm, brooks&joy& the go-go boys, catcalls, charles, dancing!, darts, diners, dirty bird, dressing up, drunk dialing, ducks, falling into boxes, flasks, fuentes, girl gangs, girl groups, group bathroom trips, growing up jewish, hangover lunches, heather, laine, liquor, mary-kate & ashley olsen, matea, obscene cookies, parks, party planning, pharmaceuticals, piles of empty bottles, radio cab, red wine, saying the menorah, scheming, singing along, sippy cup, slipping roofies, slurpees, smoking, sneaking nalgene bottles, son & the biscuits, spanish, special k, spiking the punch, spin the bottle, starches, sticky kitchen floors, the comfy couch, the creepy neighbor, the front porch, the mod sixties, the roof, the shopping cart, the synagogue, theme parties, tigerbeat, trading jackets, truth or dare, trying to climb stairs, twister, vodka, waking-up-to-a-clean-kitchen